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The 2011 Ossabaw Island Foundation Pig Roast and Art Auction is just around the corner!

The Ossabaw Island Foundation (TOIF) is seeking donations of Ossabaw Island-inspired artwork to be sold in the silent auction at the Pig Roast. All types of visual art and fine crafts are welcomed—paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, mixed media, furniture, wood turning, etc.

Pig Roast and Art Auction event date: Saturday, October 15, 2011

Location: The Torrey-West House and Grounds, Ossabaw Island, Georgia

Artists who had a complimentary stay on Ossabaw Island as part of the Visiting Artists Program (VAP) are asked to complete and submit only one artwork in preparation for this year’s Pig Roast and Art Auction.

Any artist who has spent time on Ossabaw this year or in prior years is also invited to contributea work of art for this signature annual event. Each donating artist (VAP or not!) will receive one complimentary ticket to this year’s Pig Roast as thanks for your contribution.

Artwork donation deadline (for listing in event program):

Monday, September 12, 2011

Final artwork donation deadline:

Friday, October 7, 2011

In order for the artist’s name and artwork title to be included in the Pig Roast program, TOIF asks that artists bring their work to the TOIF office by Monday, September 12. The deadline for all artwork contributions is Friday, October 8. Artwork received after September 12 may not be listed in the day of event program.

About the Pig Roast:

Now in its tenth year, The Ossabaw Island Annual Fall Pig Roast and Art Auction is the only annual fundraiser hosted by the Ossabaw Island Foundation (TOIF).. Funds raised go to support TOIF.

About the Art Auction.

Each year, almost half of the proceeds generated by the Fall Pig Roast come from the Art Auction.

TOIF is grateful to our many artists who contribute their work to this important effort.

About the Artwork Contributions.

This year, In an effort to continually improve the Art Auction for the artists, the Pig Roast patrons who purchase art, and for TOIF, we are clarifying some of the information and practices about contributing to the art auction, such as labeling of the artwork, making sure that artists know who purchased their work, etc.. Please see below for more information.

In future years, we hope to expand the art auction to include an online component, and to create an online “gallery” of Ossabaw-inspired artwork that will expand the accessibility of the island.through art. The guidelines below are also a first step toward achieving those goals.

Every artist who comes to Ossabaw, and every piece of artwork contributed to the Art Auction, is important to Ossabaw Island, and helps continue the legacy of the island that was envisioned by Sandy West when she and her family ensured Ossabaw’s preservation for creative activity of every discipline.

Thank you again for your continued support of Ossabaw Island and The Ossabaw Island Foundation.


2011 Contributions for The Ossabaw Island Foundation. (the small type)

1. Auction size. Due to display space and transportation constraints, and to the limited number of people able to attend the Pig Roast (300 total including general admission patrons, artists, volunteers, staff, catering crew and sponsors) the maximum effective number of art pieces in the auction is about 100 works. Past TOIF auctions with more than 100 works have not had enough competition among the limited number of bidders to bring the selling prices up to near or above the market prices for much of the artwork. ONLY ONE DONATED PIECE PER ARTIST.

2. Artwork donations. The Ossabaw Island Foundation’s art auction is NOT a juried event. All donated art is gratefully accepted by TOIF, with the understanding that TOIF will put each piece of art to use in such a way that is the greatest benefit for the organization and the best “fit” for the piece. While the overwhelming majority of donated artwork is sold in the art auction, occasionally some works are placed for long-term display in the Clubhouse, or the Boarding House, or the TOIF offices. Some works may be used as gifts for TOIF board members or longtime supporters of the island. These decisions are made at the sole discretion of TOIF. Artists will be notified if their work is chosen to be placed outside of the annual auction.

3. Auction donation deadline. All donated artwork must be received by Monday, September 12, 2011 for inclusion in the program distributed at the Pig Roast. Final artwork donation deadline is Friday, October 7. Artwork received after September 12 may not be listed in the program but may be part of the auction, if determined to be the best fit for the work (see item 3, above.)

4. Artist tickets to the Pig Roast. Each contributing artist receives one (1) complimentary ticket to that year’s Pig Roast event, a $150 value. Artists will be assigned boat times the first week in October. When contributing artists send in the RSVP card that accompanies the mailed invitation after completing the RSVP information and writing “contributing artist” on the payment line. All contributing artist tickets are distributed first-come first serve, and artist tickets are not “set aside” until formally requested. There is a cap of 300 total people able to attend the Pig Roast. Artists who wish to purchase additional tickets are asked to include that information on the RSVP card and to send payment for the additional tickets at that time.

5. Artwork submission requirements.

a. Labeling. We ask that each piece of artwork be clearly labeled, on the back or underside if at all possible. Labeling should include: Name of artist. Title of piece. Estimated market price of piece. Contact information of the artist (for the benefit of the buyer.) This may include a business card with website, etc.

b. Framing or presentation. If donated work is framable, we ask that it be donated already framed.

c.Optional .JPEG image. We are asking for artists to submit a .jpeg image of the donated work, if possible. TOIF hopes to post some images of the artwork on our website and Facebook page to encourage interest in the event, and to showcase some of the wonderful art made in response to the experience of Ossabaw. In future years, we hope to hold an online auction of some of the donated work.

6. Artwork’s final “home.” Most artists are interested in finding out how their work fared in the auction. To facilitate this, after the Pig Roast, artists will receive a donation thank you letter from TOIF for their records. The letter will include the name of the final purchaser. This letter will ONLY be sent to those artists for whom TOIF has either a mailing address or an email address. You may email TOIF after the auction for this information. Send contact information to At the auction, TOIF will ask all buyers for their permission in releasing their contact information to the artist. If artists request this buyer contact information it will be provided, but only if the buyer has previously granted this permission.

Thank you again to the artists for your important contribution to Ossabaw. Please contact Elizabeth DuBose, TOIF Executive Director, at, or 912-233-5104 with further questions or for more information.


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